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Dan Fogelberg - Sutters Mill guitar tab


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From: Hakan Sjostrom

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Subject: CRD: SUTTER'S MILL by Dan Fogelberg


Dan Fogelberg

Key: originally E, here C (capo 4th fret)

[C]In the [Am]spring[F] of forty- [C]seven

So the [Am]story[F] it is [C]told

Old John [Am]Sutter[F] went to the Mill [C]site [Am]

Found a [Dm7]piece[G7] of shinin' [C]gold.

Well, he [Am]took it[F] to the [C]city

Where the [Am]word[F] like wildfire [C]spread

Old John [Am]Sutter[F] soon came to [C]wishin' [Am]

He'd left that [Dm7]stone[G7] in the river [Am]bed.

Oh, they [F]came like herds of [C]locusts

Every [F]wo-[C]man, child and [Am]man

In their [F]lumberin' connes- [C]togas [Am]

They left their [Dm7]track[G7] upon the [Am]land.


Some would [F]fail and some would [C]prosper

Some would [F]die[C] and some would [Am]kill

Some would [F]beg the Lord for their de-[C]liverance [Am]

Some would [Dm7]curse[G7] John Sutter's [C]Mill.

Well, they [Am]came[F] from New York [C]City

And they [Am]came[F] from Ala-[C]bam'

With their [Am]dream[F] of findin' for-[C]tune [Am]

In this [Dm7]wild[G7] unsettled [C]land.

Well, some fell [Am]prey[F] to hostile [C]arrows

As they [Am]tried[F] to cross the [C]land

And some were [Am]lost[F] in the Rocky [C]Mountains [Am]

With their [Dm7]hands[G7] froze to the [Am]reins.


Some pushed [Am]on[F] to Cali-[C]fornia

Others [Am]stopped[F] to take their [C]rest

And by the [Am]spring[F] of eighteen-[C]sixty [Am]

They had [Dm7]opened[G7] up the [C]west.

And then the [Am]railroad[F] came be-[C]hind them

And the [Am]land[F] was plowed and [C]tame

When old John [Am]Sutter[F] went to meet his [C]Maker [Am]

With not one [Dm7]penny[G7] to his [Am]name.


Some would [Dm7]curse[G7] John Sutter's [C]Mill [Am]

Some men's [Dm7]thirsts[G7] are never [C]filled.

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