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Dan Fogelberg - Since You Asked guitar tab

-transcribed by Greg Steele -

gsteele@steelerubber.com - 73522.2331@compuserve.com

"Since You Asked" - Judy Collins (I think I recall reading somewhere that this

is the one of the first songs she ever wrote. Incredible.)

I'm not sure if ALL the names of the chords are correct so here's how I'm

playing the weirder ones:

Esus4 Asus4 D9 Gsus2 G6 A7sus4 A9 D9sus4 Fmaj7

022200 002230 054555 3x0203 32000 002033 002023 x5555 003210

Intro: Em Bm C F Esus4

Em Bm7 G Asus4 A7

What I'll give you since you asked, is all my time together,

Em Bm7 G Asus4 A7

Take the rugged sunny days, the warm and rocky weather,

Am7 D9

Take the roads that I have walked along,

Am7 D9 Bm Gsus2

Looking for tomorrow's time, piece of mind.

As my life spills into yours, changing with the hours,

Filling up the world with time, turning time to flowers,

I can show you all the songs that I never sang to someone before...

G6 A7sus4

We have seen a million stones lying by the water,

G6 A7sus4 A9

You have climbed the hills with me to the mountain shelter,

Am7 D9sus4

Taking off the days one by one,

Am7 Fmaj7 Em

Setting them to breathe in the sun

Take the lilies and the lace from the days of childhood,

All the willow winding paths leading up and outward,

This is what I give, this is what I ask you for, nothing more.

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