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Dan Fogelberg - Only The Heart May Know guitar tab

-transcribed by Greg Steele -

gsteele@steelerubber.com - 73522.2331@compuserve.com

"Only The Heart May Know" - Dan Fogelberg from "The Innocent Age"


Silent sea, tell this to me:

A7 D

Where are the children that we used to be?

(Silent Sea:)


At picture shows where nobody goes

A7 D

And only the heart can see

Starry skies, soft lullabyes

Where do they go when their melodies die?

(Starry Sky:)

To a day far, far away

That only the heart may know


D7 G G/F# G

Friends we knew follow us through

Bm F#m Em A

All of the days of our lives

D7 G G/F# G

Love we shared waits for us there

Bm E Asus A

Where our wishes forever reside

Falling tears, memory's mirrors

Where are the summers, oh where are the years?

(Falling Tears:)

Carried far to a wandering star

That only the heart may know

(Repeat break)

(repeat 2nd verse)

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