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Dan Fogelberg - Mountains To The Sea guitar tab

transcribed by Greg Steele - http://www.gregorysteele.com

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"Mountains To The Sea" - by Dan Fogelberg 1989 (from the CD "Portrait")

Standard tuning

Intro: Am Em/A (x02000) Am Em/A Am Em/A

Fmaj7 (xx3210)

Well, I spent two days in travelling

Am G Am

The mountains to the sea


I knew the change would do me good

C G Am

And set my spirit free


I spent two nights in wondering

C G D/F# (200232)

What it is you've done to me

Em E7 Am Em/A Am Em/A Am Em/A Am Em/A

Before an answer came, I reached the sea

Here I spend my days in wandering

The reaches and the reefs

And my soul becomes so quiet I can

Hear my own beliefs

I sail out on the ocean

'Til I cannot see the land

And I wonder if you'll ever understand


Dm G

Why a soul with so much heaven held


C C9/B Am

Should ever feel so damned

Dm G

And why it's always so uncomfortable

C C9/B Am

To hold another's hand

Dm G

Why of late I feel myself a ship

C C9/B Am

Out to sea - unmanned

Dm E7 Am Em/A Am Em/A

I wonder if you'll ever understand

(verse chords)

There are seagulls in the morning here

I watch them search and soar

As they dive to take the fishes

That swim just beyond the shore

Then they fly off in the distance

'Til they finally fade from view

And somehow, they remind me so of you

(use bridge chords)

There's so many things you need to learn

That I can never teach

And places in your troubled soul

That I may never reach

So I wander like an ebbing tide

Along this lonely beach

And cast my dreams like stones into the sea

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