Dan Fogelberg

Dan Fogelberg - Lonely in Love guitar tab

"Lonely in Love" by Dan Fogelberg

Intro: G Em C G Em C


Some say love is it's own, love is it's own reward,

G Em

But I can't help but believe there's got to be more,

C Em C Em

A man needs a woman to have and to hold, to love him in body as well in soul,

C Am G Em C

I need your desire, where did the fire go?

I keep trying to sleep but sleep won't be mine tonight,

There's so much sorrow inside and baby I don't know why,

I give you your freedom I give you my love,

I give all I got everytime that we touch,

I don't know, baby, maybe I give too much.


G Em

I'm lonely in love,


Why must I be lonely in love?


I'm so lonely in love,

C Am C D G

Why must I be lonely, why must I be lonely in love?

I know that love carries no, she carries no guarantees,

But I keep trying to find a reason that I can believe in,

You said to be patient, you needed some room,

You said you had changes you had to work through,

But the longer I wait the farther I feel from you.

repeat chorus

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