Dan Fogelberg

Dan Fogelberg - Gypsy Wind guitar tab

"Gypsy Wind" by Dan Fogelberg

Intro: G(add D) Gmaj7 G6 F C G

The starting riff (also used at the end of each 2nd line in verses below):

G Gmaj7 G6

E 3---------------|2---------------|0---2-0---X-----|----------------|

B 3---------------|3---------------|3---------3---0-|----------------|

G 0---------------|0---------------|----------------|----------------|

D 0---------------|0---------------|----------------|----------------|

A 2---------------|2---------------|2-------------2-|----------------|

E 3---------------|3---------------|3-------------3-|----------------|

/ / / / / / /

D D7

I still recall the place

D D7 G Gmaj7 G6

When I first felt your gypsy wind playing on my face

D D7

That summer's long since gone

D D7 G Gmaj7 G6

But gypsy winds have ways of staying on

Voices from our past

Still insist on arguing that love will never last

And though our hearts may turn

It's only when you listen that you learn



And I wonder at the way the strands of love meander


Through our thoughts of distant days


The blood of passion plays burns our thirsty souls

C Am7

And chases reason far away, far away

D D7 D D7 G Gmaj7 G6

And still your gypsy wind will soothe my soul and call me back again

Growing wise with age

We come to see the printing through the pictures on the page

Though something's always lost

The pain is always tempered by the cost


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