Dan Fogelberg

Dan Fogelberg - Crow

Trying to get through to you

Simmering with a dejected view

Thoughts get washed out, nothing I can do

Straining so hard for my aims

End up feeling just the same

Whats the matter, change of heart

Too scared to finish what you start

What I want I can't have

Thinking about it makes me sad

Are the answers sought

Have my feelings been bought

You represent something

I can't ever have

Because your miles away

From my grasp

Leave me in my loneliness

Can you touch me?

Ignoring my distress

Can you hear me?

As you pull down the blinds

Can you see me?

Ignoring all the signs

Can you feel me?

Doubts come from behind

Waiting for the outside to shine

But it never does come

Not after what you have done

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