Dan Fogelberg

Dan Fogelberg - Better Change guitar tab

"Better Change" by Dan Fogelberg - 1974


I can see you in the distance


And you're headed for a fall


Sinking deeper by the minute


You're about to lose it all


G/F# Em C C/B C

You better change before the sun goes down

Em C C/B C

You better leave before you are the last in town

Em C C/B Am

You better raise your fortresses or tear them down

Em C C/B G

Tear them down

G/F# Em C C/B G

Tear them down

There's an angel on your shoulder

And a devil at your feet

And that door you see before you

Could be poison tasting sweet

repeat chorus

Em G Em C F

Ooh-ooh, Ooh-ooh

Em G Em C F D

Ooh-ooh, Ooh-ooh

repeat first verse and chorus

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