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Dan Fogelberg - Believe in Me guitar tab

BELIEVE IN ME - Dan Fogelberg from "Windows And Walls" 1984

Odd chords: Amsus2 x02200

D/C# x40232

Bm/A x04432

Emsus4 022200

A/G# 402220

F#m 244222

C#m 446654

A Amsus2 D D/C#

If I could ever say it right

Bm Bm/A E Emsus4 E

And reach your hostage heart de - spite

A Amsus2 D D/C#

The doubts you harbor then you might

Bm E A Emsus4 E

Come to believe in me

The life I lead is not the kind

That gives a woman peace of mind

I only hope someday you'll find

That you can believe in me

Those other loves that came before

Mean nothing to me anymore

But you can never be quite sure

Bm E A A/G# (or you could play E/A x02100 )

And will not believe in me


F#m C#m

Too many hearts have been broken

D E A A/G#

Failing to trust what they feel

F#m C#m

But trust isn't something that's spoken

D A Emsus4 E Emsus4 E

And love's never wrong when it's re- - - al

If I could only do one thing

Then I would try to write and sing

A song that ends your questioning

And makes you believe in me


repeat last verse

repeat last line then:


Oh, you can believe in me.

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