Dan Fogelberg

Dan Fogelberg - A Cry in The Forest

Cruel, cruel grounds

Leak truths never found

Torturous ways

Whisper from the grave

A slow spun song of distortion

Bitter, bitter mouth

Spitin' out seeds of doubt

Rituals seek root

Razed before they're told

Stories break like branches in the cold

Seasons trial finds man's mistakes fair game

Careless hand

Lay and law of the land

Falls by the side

Silenced sentient cries

All within the lines of divine right

Better bury the tracks in an unclosed case

Weeds of discontent choke a broken ghost landscape

Cruel, heartless reign

Chasing short term gains

Right down to the warning signs

Birds refuse to fly

No longer trust the sky

Drifting out beyond the signals

Even the horizon is gone

Weather flees underground

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