DADDY movie

DADDY movie - wafaa jo tumase

I know it's true but I guess nobody has to tell you

I don't always listen and I talk too much

I think I'm in tune when I'm out of touch


Don't tell me I've done it again

There's a tear on your face with my name on it

And at this moment it must be hard to see

but I am not the enemy


Lay your defenses down

I'll put my arms around you

put your arms around me

Baby I'm on your side

Someday I'll get it right

How can I make you see

I'm not the enemy

I don't call when I'm comin' home late

And there's three little words that are hard for me to say

I'm not so good at all those little things

But baby I am not the enemy


Lay your defenses down

This ain' no battleground

How can I make you see

I am not the enemy

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