DA BACKWUDZ - I Don't Like The Look Of It lyrics

(feat. Caz Clay)

What do you think will come of that?

I don't know (I don't like the look of it)


(I don't like the look of it)

When we pull up to the do'

Gator shoes on 24's

Haters wanna throw them bones and (I don't like the look of it)

We do it big in every state

Pick diamonds in heavy weight

They say they are but really ain't and (I don't like the look of it)

When they see us in the club

Poppin' bottles throwin' dubs

Haters tend to cuff they gloves and (I don't like the look of it)

We can win in major ways

Flif fy paint in major haze

Pop my trunk and get them thangs if (I don't like the look of it)

[Verse 1]

(Wood Work) (Wood Work)

I'm grippin 26's in circles like roller rinks

Paint drippin like kitchen sinks, caught real in chinchilla minks

My ceiling Barnum and Bailey flippin like acrobatics

Women ecstatic, just push the button it's automatic

When they lay me down to sleep

Next to a superfreak

Rollin' around in lenon sheets, (Send her on a merry way)

I'm so explicit, so ecosyntric blowin on BUDA

The money short shrinkin' sort of like oompa loompa's

I like my crucifix, same as nigga on the rocks

You thinkin' of shoplifting?, dots lookin' like chicken pox

You can find me in the coop

My product don't ever stoop

But if you hustlin' on my block (I don't like the look of it)


[Verse 2 - Caz Clay]

Chevy bubble, every color

Tops fall back like knuckles

Chevrolet since they huggin

Chinchillas on floors and buckets

It's where we do it thuggin'

These haters they hate to love me

Comin' up like bakin' muffins

Your label ain't makin nothin

My cake mix is statements

Shorty check my ingredients

Hey the formula ain't basic, you can tell I'm a genius

But they don't like the look of it

Multicolor with the cake

Women follow the 24, so I'm choppin' on 26

Keep your nose up out of it 'cause it can get real

Talkin' the twelve by what you've seen and I'll have you reading in braille

Reason they ill, probably got somethin' to do with the paint

I got it straight for Willy Wonka, and haters mad 'cause they can't


[Verse 3]

Shorty gettin' paper homie

That be why they hatin' on me

Daily cost are frozin' phonies, (Muggin' when you see a G)

What you know about my city?

On the block with Dubs and fifties

Got them clock until they creasin', (Shorty I got what you need)

Pullin' up on 20 somethin's

Trouble with the woofers bumpin

Chokin on the purple ribbon, (Willy Wonka Chevrolet)

Freezin from expensive pieces

Heavy starch and denim creases

Rock 3 on my white Adidas, (Diamonds in my cardia)

I spit that grizzetry

Magic is so exquisitly

Vividly I'm a misery

Suckas wanna demonish me

Damnit you pimpin all in me

Propers keep your apology

Swagger ghetto like Willy D.

Haters don't like the look of me


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