Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed - Treasure Chest(into And Main Riff) guitar chord

Treasure Chest

Cross Canadian Ragweed

Intro and Main riff

Capo 2







Its finger picked(easy with just index finger and thumb),

and this is done twice then switching to a D then E.

So hold the A and hammer to play this, then switch to D, then

to E, then back to this A. This is also what he does during


A(riff above)

There's people in your life,

D E A(riff above)

That want you to be what they only dreamed of being.

See my other tab for all the words and chords.

Thats it. To get the sound Cody gets on the album, while picking

the D, hammer and release the on the third fret of the bottom

E string.

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