Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed - Sick And Tired lead guitar tab

Cross Canadian Ragweed

"Sick and Tired"

this is just the little riff that Cody plays in the intro

before he starts singing, and the riff that ends the song..

if you want the chords and words, just look at bogieaggie's

tab.. he did a great job for the album not to have been

released yet.. and if you havent heard the song go to and click on the x in the little square..

a little fast forward button will pop out and click on that

untill ccr's song comes up.. thanks to joelray35..



G, (walkdown to Am), A sus2, A) then riff








Am -0- A sus2 -0-

-1- -0-

-2- -2-

-2- -2-

-0- -0-

--- ---

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