Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed - One of These Days lyrics

I had a heart big as Atlanta

Till I ran in to a dancer named Savannah

She stole my soul away

Tool my wallet and my chain

Left me here standin' out in the rain

Suzi Suzi man that chick was groovy

Let her ride in my four door Cadillac

One night while I was sleepin' ever so softly

She hit the road and never did come back


One of these days I'm gonna set my ways

Maybe I quit all this runnin' round

Gonna find me a woman with her head on tight

Maybe then I'll get some sleep at night

Roxy baby what a foxy lady

Loved to wear her great big diamond rings

Money in my pocket boys you know I couldn't buy her toys

Left me here with a load of blues to sing


Janet Janet from the boogie planet

Had a body out of this world

I thought Janet was for real

She was gonna get me a record deal

Till she ran away with another girl


Shelby Shelby Lord help me

That girl come alive at night

She's straight out of Californ-I-A

Something bout that girl hey

See her once see her every day go by


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