Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed - Lighthouse Keeper (correct) guitar chord




Capo 4th fret


A longhaired man came to my door


Wearin' roman sandles carryin' a golden sword

G Am

He said come with me and I'll take ya higher

We soared out of the atmosphere


On his magic carpet he let me steer

G Am

He said take the reins son and I'll let ya fly'er

We escalated through a thick of clouds


And our only thought was not comin' down


Towards the amber glow


I started to feel the fire

There was a unicorn with a neon horn


Wearin' a velvet saddle that was slightly worn

G Am

I pulled my mystic rug right up beside'er

I sat down on a floatin' stool


She knelt her head and produce a jewel

G Am

And I smiled and asked if I could ride'er


F G Am

And I saw the Lighthouse Keeper

F G Am

His hollow eyes that pierced my soul

F G Am

He said that Im just a desperate seeker

C G Am

Searching for what I did not know

On a pegasus I was flyin' free

careless lost over a purple sea

When I came arcross this lonesome fortune teller

She gazed into her crystal ball

And I saw that giant gavel fall

She asked if I could be her pall bearer

And I heard that gypsy prophesy

Of the tearin' flesh and a mother's cry

and the crimson flow of blood that would run forever

We stood before the kings and queens

And the hood man with the guillotine

And prepared to mee the eternal tax collector

Then I dined down there with an aristocrat

On his balcony with a welcome mat

And he laughed and drank all the wine from his cellar

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