Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed - In Oklahoma guitar tab

In Oklahoma - Cross Canadian Ragweed

Intro: G Am G X2

G Am G

The indian man lost all of his land in Oklahoma

G Am G

A man dressed in black gave some of it back to Oklahoma

Bb C G

And the man that they called Sam

Bb C D G Am G

He washed the red out of the land in Oklahoma

Well back in the day, the WPA in Oklahoma

Woody Guthrie would sing about the crops and no rain in Oklahoma

Well the rain never came

Woody Guthrie sang the pain of Oklahoma


1982, a-bubblin' crude in Oklahoma

A forty-thousand foot well drillin' straight to hell in Oklahoma

Fifty dollars a goddamn barrel

I wish I'd never sold that well in Oklahoma

O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A Oklahoma

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