Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed - Hammer Down guitar chord

Cross Canadian Ragweed

"Hammer Down"

Soul Gravy

Universal South Records

Capo 2nd Fret


I----------------------I I-----I----------------I

I--3---3-3----3---3-3--I I-----I----------------I

I--0h2-2-2-0--0h2-2-2--I x4 I--2--I----------------I

I--0---0-0--0-0---0-0--I I--2--I----------------I

I----------------------I I--0--I--0-2-3-4-3-2-0-I

I----------------------I I-----I----------------I


you got your fingers runnin through my hair

I got my stereo loud

you've been a dancin' in your underwear

I bet cha' your daddy'd be proud

C(9) G D

but he aint nowhere around

he said he's never gonna change his mind

now wont cha' leave it alone

I bet one day hes gonna eat his pride

your chokin on a bone

when im on the rollin' stone

yeah im on the rollin' stone


G C(9) G D

hey baby take a run with me


smell that rubber burn

C(9) G D

you think your life it is a tragedy


feel that motor hum

C(9) G

you think your headed down a one way track

C(9) G

the only color in your future's black

C(9) G A

you wanna leave and never come back around I'll put that

Hammer Down


tell me what you gotta lose

you aint got nothin at all

you aint got nothing that you gotta prove

you aint against the wall

your just fed up with it all

yeah your fed up with it all


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