Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed - Crazy Eddie's Last Hurrah guitar chord

Crazy Eddie's Last Hurrah

as preformed by: Cross Canadian Ragweed

written Reckless Kelly


G-C9-G G-C9-G Em-C-G-C-G-D-G

G-C9-G G-C9-G Em-C-G-C-G-D-G

G C9 G

hey it sure didnt take too long

G C9 G

woke up in the mornin she's gone

Em C G C

well the note that she wrote didnt say dear John


it said goodbye sucker i'm gone

was a home young mountain girl

raised in a different world

i was a wanna be rocker she was more into merle

couldnt see it just wouldnt work

Em C

now i'm double fistin longnecks


grapefruit and stolie


but i'm never gettin over jolie


hey i pulled myself in my car

i drove it on down to the bar

but they wouldnt let me in cause i aint a movie star

went to the horseshoe on Lamar

the bouncer through me out at two

and i didnt know what to do

so i picked up a phone and i called guess who

but the call block wouldnt let me through

now i'm wishin for some drugs

or a Shrink to console me

but i'm never gettin over jolie


well i gathered up all of my guns

and a pipe bomb just for fun

drove to her house i parked out on the lawn

she's right i always was the crazy one

yeah the boyfriend was sure nice to me

calm down would you like a drink

and i shot em full of holes from his nose to his knees

polished off my little sweat pea

now i'm cryin on my knees

feeling dirty and unholy

but i'm never gettin over jolie

i'll probably get life

and serve at least forty

never gettin over jolie


G-C9-G G-C9-G Em-C-G-C-G-D-G-C-G-C-G-D-G

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