Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed - Constantly guitar chord

A (pick intro after each line)

She's got that certain thing about her

Sometimes it drops me to my knees

Sometimes it makes it hard to love her

But I always come around and see

(Build up A chord after line)


F# D E A

Hey lady, I'm nothin' without you

F# D E

Hey baby, you're nothin' without me

D E A (pick intro)

We got it constantly

(do the same with previous chorus )

One look from her eyes gets me thinkin'

What the hell could I have done this time

But it's love that I mistake for anger

The woman drives me outta my mind

(do the same as previous chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

(same as chorus for solo)

(do same as previous chorus)

Can't wrap my mind around her leavin'

If she did they'd surely find me gone

Tons of heartache upon piles of grieving

Not a chance in hell I could carry on

(Repeat Chorus)

She's got that certain thing about her

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