Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed - Check Me Out guitar tab

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Band: Cross Canadian Ragweed

Song: Check Me Out [Chord]

Submitter: guitarnuckols

Rating: Not Rated

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Chords Used

G1 D1 Cadd91

#-----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#

# This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #

# song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #


Tabbed by: Lee Nuckols

Performed by: Cody Canada

G D Cadd9 G


G D Cadd9

Bought these shoes for my feet, my blues got to me

G D Cadd9

Made me strut a little bit when i went out on friday night

G D Cadd9

then i got a brand new hat, match my shoes and my belt with black

G D Cadd9

and a worn out pair of jeans that fit damn near just about right


D G Cadd9 D

but im still the same inside, empty chest but full of pride

G Cadd9 D Cadd9

doin fine if you care to know

D G Cadd9 D

still full of hopes and dreams, you come runnin back to me

Cadd9 D G

check me out in my brand new clothes


G D Cadd9

i got a used coupe deville, and I wore holes in my brand new heels

G D Cadd9

walkin around the same old forgotten wooden floor

G D Cadd9

shes not good on gas at all, the lighters broke and it always stalls

G D Cadd9

when she hits passin gear you better hang on to your doors


D G Cadd9 D

the tape player works just fine, no fast forward but slow rewind

G Cadd9 D Cadd9

the speakers blown on the drivers side

D G Cadd9 D

i hope that i turn you head, prolly candy apple red

Cadd9 D G

come check me out in my brand new ride

(verse 3)

G D Cadd9

got my self a brand new pet, cuz i got sick of the one i had

G D Cadd9

i guess livin down below kinda gets to a man

G D Cadd9

everything i got is new, my used car my hat my shoes

G D Cadd9

just gotta get on why you can

(chorus 3)

D G Cadd9 D

i guess you dont get to me, cuz i cant eat and i cant sleep

G Cadd9 D Cadd9

on that egg crate on the floor

D G Cadd9 D

i hope that im on you mind, finnaly caught up with mine

D Cadd9 D G Cadd9 G

you dont get to me anymore

D G Cadd9 D

and i feel like a brand new man, i found Jesus and a new girlfriend

Cadd9 D G

come check me out in my brand new soul

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