Copilu De Aur

Copilu De Aur - Pachete de bani lyrics

[Intro: Defari (girl)]

Look, leave me the fuck alone bitch

(Oh, there you go, damn

"leave me the fuck alone", "leave me the fuck alone"

That's all you cryin' nigga

Ooh, your breath stank nigga, damn, you reefin'?

W-Why you always gotta come home drunk and shit huh, faded?

Leave me the fuck alone, will ya?

(Whateva nigga, you know what?

Your eyes all red and everything...)


You always get so drunk..

(Bitch I don't give a fuck, bitch)

You always come home high..

(Bitch I don't give a fuck, bitch)

You always get so faded..

(Bitch I don't give a fuck, bitch)

You always have red eyes..

(Bitch I don't give a fuck, bitch)


The club bumps

Faded off Remy and five blunts

Codiac cush got me fucked up

I'm goin' round for round, drink dark brown

Smoke trees in a leaf that be dark brown

Look at baby, so thick man, she dark brown

Bad bitches all around, you know it's goin' down

I be posted at the bar like a ghetto C.E.O

Spank T with a new jean suit from ????

Spank white Nikes... so fresh and so tight

The bitches wanna holla back, young and all night

So what do you expect when I'm out wit my niggaz

Drink it up, smoke blunts, poppin' bitches



Monday Night Football start at 6:00

My fifth Hennessey at the bar with chicks

It's on once again, a new night, new mix

Before we left the crib - already finished a fifth

Me, B Fin, Stats, and my nigga E-Swift

Fredwreck on deck with this Brazilian bitch

After football we gon' hit the spot

After 2:00, after hours pop, it's on all night

Kilous spinnin' right, oh fo sho nigga

My nigga Kilou tight

Stop by 7-11 get another pack of blunts

Get a 40, feel sporty, roll 'em up



You think you all presidential

We stay low key dippin' through the residential

Sippin' Presidente in the wet El Camino

On rallies, deep dish spin so simple

Here I am with another blunt in my hand

It's Tuesday so we all got tall cans

T ??? is at Joseph's in Hollywood

So many birds I've never seen lookin' so good

In a minute I'ma pull this hundred and spend it

My niggaz crowd around the bar like they all built it

I guess we vultures in the late night club culture

I'ma do the damn thangs that I always told you


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