Claudio Baglioni

Claudio Baglioni - Y Tu (Versin 2005)

You were raised up from the steam in the city

Where your daddy dragged you 'round from place to place

Now you're a grown-up, a cool guy looking pretty

But the childhood had its mark upon your face

Now you're the hungry one, you want it all

And enough is not enough, you're always coming back for more

When the race is on you roll the ball

You found your heaven behind the backstage door

You're all fed up

With their parental domination

Don't let them wear away your pride

Cut the wire

Jump the gun

There is nothing that's holding you back

Cross the fire

Hit 'n' run

You're forever unchained

Jump the gun

In another town, on another stage

You've been cruising around, for at least a human age

That rock'n'roll was your key to succeed

Your restless soul

Has taken off from the street

So if you like it now

You'll learn to love it later

Stick to your dreams, and go ahead


And now you're up to front

A youth of desperation

Go out and penetrate their minds

You preach the words

They put them out in circulation

Get out, seek and find


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