Citizen Cope

Citizen Cope - Pablo Picasso

The woman that I love

Is forty feet tall

She's a movie star

She's all in the papers

And everywhere i go

People hand me quarters

And they pat me on the back

They treat me like im famous

I'll never leave her side

'Cause today can be dangerous

And when the night arrives

The light hit her features

And the cars drive by

Just so they could see her

And she never bats an eye

When someone takes her picture

Mr.Officer if you've come to take her

Then that means one of us

Gonna end up in a stretcher

Gonna end up in the papers, going end up in the papers, yeah

If i had a pistol

I'd brandish it and wave it

She's the only one alive that knows that I'm not crazy

She's gonna testify on my behalf

Down at the Navy

So I can get some peace

And provide for my babies

I got a stick and a bottle

I'll pretend I got a razor

Helicopters and cameras all shottin' for the station

They say that a wild man defending his lady

But for some odd reason they keep calling you a painting

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