Chubb Rock

Chubb Rock - Ya Bad Chubbs lyrics

To music that just be pumpin'

While hits just be dippin'

The intention is for humpin' the floor

Shinin' the wood with our jeans

If it's denim don't worry

It's hip hop don't hem 'em

Money earnin' concernin'

I'll be teachin' and learnin'

Gettin' hot from my rhymes and my looks

Not from bourbon

No solution no remedy

No cure like a deodorant

Yo you have to be sure

That if you talk up or walk up into myface

That wouldn't become a big public disgrace

'Cause I'll ban you, burn you up, and tan you

Treat you like the elephant

And man you will be hocked and locked in a jar with a lid

Hangin' on a wall in Michael Jackson's crib

'Cause I'm bad, in fact I'm a thriller

I drink milk, that's why I'm a top biller

Like a funeral home, I'll make a killing

I'm not Giz even though I'm still chillin'

Guys say I'm scary, girls say I'm cuddly

Rough like bark but dark and lovely

This ain't no game and I'm no toy

And like Anita Baker, I'll bring you joy

With my word when I open my mouth

Ask Oliver North to go and break south

A homo is a no-no but you know I'll smack a faggot

Boy, you got to see me, I'm rich like Jimmy Swaggart

I'm a loon and ya know, comin' soon

A rhyme kicked to this Popeye tune

This is hip hop with a little be-bop

And I won't flop 'cause I can't stop

I will mop up the slop and then go to the top

'Cause I'm not Robocop, I'm Chubb Rock

I'm Chubb Rock risin' and I'll break your leg

And I'm more than a forty ounce, I'm more like a keg

And I'm the big dipper, rippin' like Jack the Ripper

And if you want the proof, the proof is in my liquor

So you knew it and you blew it, let's get to it

Gonna run you over with a rhyme that's like a big Buick

And since you think you're slender, I'll slap you with a fender

And bind you up, wind you up, and grind you up in a blender

And then I'll serve you with coffee and cake

Oh damn, I should've had a V-8, oh well

I'll put you on a plate so it looks a little neater

You're a tramp, so I'll sprinkle salt and pepper

And paprika on your face, like mace

So you can taste immediately

Just like the base that went up your nose previously

So it seems you're too zooed to battle

Word's up chump, acne bump, skidaddle

You're a nine, I'm a ten

Victory is mine agai, this Bud's for me

So here, take a Heineken

With your self-esteem, you will never redeem

Like Martin Luther King, you have a dream

That maybe you will beat me, maybe defeat me

But you're too illiterate, so I won't consider it

Weak is the word and the rhyme is identical

This is not the late show

And I'm not Arsenio Hall

But quite tall with the gall

And I have magic and I can play ball

And guys won't boo this, girls will jsut screw this

It's ludicrous but we can dothis

'Cause you're new to this, Brutus

I'm so smooth that I'm the smoothest

I'm not handsome but I am the cutest you ever had

That's why I'm so glad that I'm so good I'm bad

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