Chubb Rock

Chubb Rock - The Hatred lyrics

Extremeties excite pulses and in turn different entities

Won't break bread or split the peas

But in the soup the mixture of several racial groups

Minority troops flavors the broth of Wall Street suits

Armani or maybe Versace

Monetary gain can't stop the White House frolics

Judicial alcoholics

Cover up versions of death in the Persian

Now a right angle equals eighty degrees

The Haitians brought the AIDS disease -- NEGATIVE

The scapegoat becomes a raging rhinoceros

Bush is steady watching us

How can we kill their Asiatic crew

Ahh develop a harsh addictive brew

Flood their beighborhood and let their leaders debate it

Part one of the hatred

The sequel the birth of many Uncle Tom's

I myself I can't stay calm

I shake in Bensonhurst rest in Bedford-Stuy

School in Sheepshead Bay, move to strong LI

But my self inner-self breaks North

And like Moses I'm judged by the cloth

Of my heritage who will bring forth the people

In all people there lies that certain evil

The enemy within spreads to the next of kin

A baby's no longer cute, here comes David Duke

Bring a halt and with a wound sprinkle salt

To the black -- lock them in a St. Ide's vault

Burp up the progress, the agony, the pain

Put down the brew have a brain

The freedom ice is thin and we're the first ones to shake

Then comes the real hate

Why should you hate me? What have I done?

We all have eight fingers and two thumbs

To feel the oppression so every studio session

I try to kick a positive lesson

U.S. coverups are neat like Tony Randall

Brotherly love is melting like a candle

Humanity without human beings

They even said Chubb was against Koreans

I just wanted to state the facts

It seems that no one is against Blacks

Uhh, what should we do? Should we run?

Uhh, if we run we'll succumb

They're mad so don't you know they're scared of the dark so

And the dark so rule the bank so

So you know that they're mad so

This style developed by Shabba Ranks so

And with that I wanna give thanks so

To the temperment of the strength of Miss Parks

But even now in the nineties we will spark and respark

The hatred

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