Chubb Rock

Chubb Rock - The Funky lyrics

[Kirk Pone]

Nuff respect's due to the funky crew ribbit

Bitch burned me with some next shit

I realize ya straight up fucking someone new

And all those rumors are so true

That you been fucking the whole damn crew

Ya little ribbit

I am the all around totally extraterrestrial entertaining motherfucker

Let me tell you bitch you burned me with the motherfucker

I was walking through the park one day

In the merry merry month of May

And I buck up to this squaw that gave me the funky

And let me tell you 'bout this pussy, ha ha

She burned me hard and stiff

Yes me hard and stiff Chubbs, tell them Chubbs tell them

Ribbit ribbit

[Chubb Rock]

Well off we go to the show and flow to the venue

This little hot bitch was on the menu

Dance to the tune they said the hoe was a boom

But I'm married, my ass got carried to the room

But delph, in layman's language for self

And I'm in love -- in love with my health

So honey phone while I click the Nick Nolte

And down a can of beer and watch Cape Fear yeah

Watch DeNiro my hero fry like a clown

It's all for one I hope you have some

Slown down as the puss from the hot itchy burning little stunt

I bet on is what you really want

Cause by the cheek smile, eyes that are hazel

You know who's really vex -- my man nasal

The nigga who ate the sauteed shrimp and basil

Bitch stay still I'm not over with you yet

My man got burnt now it's time to fret

Airport bathroom I wasn't too far to hear my man go


Burning -- yes he's yearning call his folks

911 is a Joke -- I can't see through the smoke

Lyrical monkey son he's stunnin G

Cause you got the funky

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