Chubb Rock

Chubb Rock - The Five Deadly Venoms lyrics

[Verse One - Hotdog]

Aiyyo ??, I got the batter, get the mixer

as the trickster will fix ya a batch of rhymes

you know that soothes, like an elixir

and sticks your ribs so let the cheese and wine

or rather wine and cheese

Cause I aim to please with ease hope the crowd sees

that I'm, the man that loves to flam

And when I step into a jam I just slam like Jordan

And this is the world, accordin to me

The capital-H-the-O-the-T, the-D-the-O-the-G

Rockin, heavenly hype and ?? steadily

When I come in to rock'n'roll, I'm sure you will agree

that I got a hype type of style a family

but Diggy Doc gave it to Rob to rock and Howie Tee

Now, I'm talkin about Omega Psi Phi fraternity

Givin a little history

For some people, their lucky number's 7

For Q-Dogs, it's 1911

November 17th, underneath the ceilings

behind the walls of ?Thurkill Hall?

[Verse Two - ?]

This is a family affair, rather a gathering of the brothers

United we stand, we're not divided like the others

and when I mention the word divided, you know what I'm meaning

Show a brother something they don't have they start fiending

First the ear-grabbin, then the back-stabbin

This from brothers that I call friends, I'm not havin

The other negative things in a friendship

an occasional whipser, gossip, a loose lip

I once trusted a brother with an eyeful

He told the next man, cause he's livin trifle

But now I'm not worried cause I'm part of a family

United til death simply cause we choose to be

An occasional joke, a diss, or a crowd pleaser

Callin your moms a ?? look-a-like skeezer

Whoever wins the diss battle, respect is given

Fightin over words is not how we are livin

Then there's ?? word I almost forgot

Three-on-one, no heat, but the rumor's still hot

The bro's get a hoe that you know is totally widdit

There's no need to be discrete cause you know she won't admit it

When I think back on the memories

just like these - is it a wonder that I love the 80's

[Verse Three - Rob Swinga]

Well I'm Rob, a.k.a. as the Swinga

Comedic at times, and a stone-cold thriller

I got somethin to say I'll make it short and sweet

Me I'm the Swinga I'ma swing it to this beat

Now I talk to a lot of people with the large vocabulary

Colloquial language I'll use that's secondary

And then there is slang and I would use that third

and I'll say outrageous things that might sound absurd

But - right back into my large vocabulary

I'm the type of guy that'll always be primary

Never secondary, to any adversary

If they want to be like me, on the contrary

They try to compete, but I will always delete

I'll leave them cryin from the agony, of defeat

And when they try to return to repeat

I make them hold on peace signs, say "Swinga I retreat"

[Verse Four - Chubb Rock]

Well the Toad is immensely strong on the instrumental

The lyric can hit and shock the pure metal

Chubb Rock has a weak spot, creatin

An iron maiden cannot pierce my skin when I hit top 10

Run for shelter, cause you're gonna fear this tune

more than you feared the age of Helter Skelter

Watch how we behave, Diggity Dog and Dave

The Roadrunner and Swinga always sayin that smegma

is the product of ten intense games of balls under balls

I have Professor Paul's

Kicking ability, the Snake's agility

The ricochet speed of the Centipede

And the devilish mind of the Scorpion

The Lizard is unrealistic and simplistic

and loitering is prohibit, the tune is illiterate

Diggy Doc no, Ed Lover forever my brothers in crime

They watch my back at the drop of a dime.. when we climb

And work and work hard and struggle to stay alive

and strive, the Venoms, the Five - check this out..

The Roadrunner


Yo Chubbs can we make a little gravy and shit

Can we get ours, whassup man?

Niggaz is takin caravans all the way to North Carolina n shit

Whassup wit dat shit? Niggaz don't respect my situation

Yo can we make a little gravy chief, whassup?

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