Chubb Rock

Chubb Rock - Lost in the Storm lyrics

I see a little ruffneck kid with a gun

I said "Little homeboy what's up with the glock 19?"

He said a damn crack fiend just went and took his mama's life

And now the kid's over there smoking the pipe

I said "Guilt will let him know what he did

and you don't need to go to jail you're just a kid.

Give me the gun little G just cool it down.

You've got a lot to live for you're college bound."

And so he screams and cries, we start huggin

On the corner in Ft. Greene, we're buggin

Tears drip as we walk to the crib

And I'ma try to be there to comfort the kid

I woke up it's a brand new day

Little man blew himself away

And I'm scorned, an emotional thorn

And I'm lost in the storm

Well back in the hood, understood, I mean understand

The conspiracy upon the first man

Death to the Klan pump the fists that's connected

To the elbow joined by cartilage to the dark hand

And the plan to conserve this confused violent land

Different races, faces share the same spaces

Sewed by arrogant laces

Taste t his peace is real sweet

Extra reasoning seasoning to the weak

Will be done before the sun starts to nova

Or we'll be over

Reveal the passion button now hit it

Cause no one is born a bigot

Delete what you have engraved in your mind

And throw up the peace sign

And maybe be reborn or be lost in the storm

Well it's ninety-two we will make it to ninety-three

With no P-E, A-C-E

It won't happen so stop your damn finger tappin

Find the music of peace and start rappin

The answer lies in your hearts then your minds

And maybe then we can save human kind

Put away the guns and have fun was a strong motto in ninety-one

But a Woodstock ninety-two the many join the few to delete the racist


Without death cause that will be illogical

Peace will cover every newspaper article

So now then, where do we start

Everybody knows they have to play a part

Open your minds and clear your minds

And throw up the peace signs

Cause to scorn, be reborn, everybody let's be reborn

Or be lost in the storm

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