Chubb Rock

Chubb Rock - I'm the Man lyrics

Well real smooth connected to the deep end bass groove

I set the precedent for emcees to lose

More than a spelling B it's compelling me

To let the I come before the E except after C to the H

to the U to the double-B, we respect that name cause the rock just G'd

All over the commercial hard like Herschel

The verse will insult but don't take it personal

Everybody knows that I'm the man and

Always got a positive plan for the fans

First concerns as the world turns

To expose the racists like Howard Sterns

George Burns, oh my God, takes a black comedian and he learns

Make more greens than ferns

Horticulture is not my main subject

The subject is microphone check one two

And you don't stop the royalty fees

The Chubbster you know he's

"Gonna get the night on fire..."

Anyway you put it when you see me you know that I'm the man

Hypothetically speaking who's speaking at the function

Well it's some genius who lives by the Junction

He's coming from a Harvard socialite luncheon

Yo -- I hear his jeep clunking

A jeep -- doesn't he make enough ends?

A genius like him should drive a Benz

Well he believes clothes don't make the man or a car

And the man still makes five hundred grand

Every six months yo the kid is no dunce

And he doesn't drink and refuses to smoke blunts

Cause the black must clear the smoke and grab the throttle

And stop livin in a bottle

The Constitution starts tearin

I hope you hear what Gil Scott was Heron/hearin

The destruction of the pirates will calm the seas

The brilliant man you know he's

"Gonna set the night on fire..."

Any female structure? Biologically I'm the man

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