Chubb Rock

Chubb Rock - I Need Some Blow lyrics

Just like on A.T.E.E.M, I'm an addict, I'm an adict

Back at the crib I just cause nothing but static

I think my mama-san is pissed and vexed cause she's had it

Snooped and found my stash in the attic

Not tickled pink she threw my my shit in the sink

My gut is rumbling now I have to think

My sister's jewelry, take it, no more jingling

On the crazy down low take my mom's wedding ring

And float on to the shop called the pawn

And he gives me two yards and my disregard to nothing

The antonym of a hero

I used to be the one now I'm less than zero

But I can feel like a million real fast

Put my lips on the god damn glass

And make a little snow using the snowman

I can't help it I need some blow man

I used to get A's across the board now it's down to H's

And the H's stand for hatred

Kicked a lot of bogusness, conned out of rehab

It was easy -- my man worked at the lab

So I jetted like the Concord but I made a crash landing

Got back on the glass cause life is demanding

First thing to do now is to get a little pistol

I like to smoke blow but I don't like eating gristle

So the hoody comes on while I'm hiding in the corner

Just run ya doe or your mom will be a mourner

The blow make me actlike I don't know

And my ego and my moral go into escrow

The kid that I robbed the other day was my bro

Face covered by the hoody yo should he

Care about his worthless bro -- the answer no

I can't help it I gotta get some blow

My mom was sponsoring a child from Zimbabwe

Whem I'm on the pipe man I have to get my way

Donating about twenty dollars a week

80 dollars a month for that I get a blunt

Everyday I puff several trees

What do I care if he eats every other day

What am I saying, I can't believe I'm a junkie

I can't believe it yo Frank Nitty punch me

Suicide is too good, I need something harder

Maybe go cold turkey, that'll hurt me

Sweat drips on my back I react with a shiver

Eye flutters while my mom closes her shutters

She doesn't believe that I'm trying -- my body dying

She thinks I found a new way of lying

While I revolve the revolver, my mom hears the tune

I'm sorry mom *BOOM*

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