Chubb Rock

Chubb Rock - Don't Drink the Milk lyrics

Word up it's the Nasal on the scene one mo' time!

With my man Kirk Gowdy on the mix

And my man Funky Owl in the mix

And my man Frank Nitti on the mix

While the Chubbster in the mix I'ma kick it like thissssss

Check it out

Verse One: MC Nasal (Chubb Rock)

Don't drink the milk cause it's spoiled form the racists

If you look up all the judicial cases

You see the niggaz yo, dead in the woodwork

Cause of these KKK jerks

And I'm vexed, real vexed, let me tell y'all

While I kick it from the cellular

Well I'm the Nasal on the scene and fuck it

I hate cream in my coffee, so take your fuckin redneck off me

Concerning that Mississippi, stop that fuckin Burning

While I'm over here chillin, ready steady learning

every racist summer, kill a large number

Of you son of bitch, who switch to Archie Bunker

Ignorant, accurate, coagulate, you imagine it

Hate the nigga boy, and stabbing it

all over, the odor makes you wish he was down with the Force

so you can mess around like Yoda

But no-no, and also, you knew so, the nigga grew so

advances like Caruso... Robinson, Jackie, smooth and jazzy has he

Been respected, for the past three

decades finds his baseball cards

Niggaz have them then discard, and I'm vexed

Should I flex my pecks on the set?

And watch those Bill Cosby niggaz just plex?

And his kids buy a white school kit, ana

And you know he talks, bullshit, ana

Throw your hands in the air

And look at that nappiness of your hair

And if you're proud of your peas, nigga say please

And niggaz out there say YEAHHH!

*crickets chirping*

I guess there no niggaz out there

Here comes the chorus for the year

Because, the Nasal... will eat shrimp and basil

Remaining head to toe on the foes

And he says he will

Flip on the brothers if they don't pump their fists and

get busy, yell and scream like this


Don't drink the milk! (Why?) It's spoiled

Don't drink the milk! (Why?) It's spoiled

Don't drink the milk! (But why?) It's spoiled

(Hey daddy tell him why) The milk is spoiled!!

Verse Two: Kirk Gowdy

Every night (night), youth get tested (ested)

Mr. Establishment himself is well rested (ested)

Miss Sectretary, holds his message (message)

I would not make it selling drugs in Texas (Texas)

Which way would you look, or was you lookin? (lookin)

Every day, a nigga life is being tooken (tooken)

Vietnam, synonym Brooklyn (Brooklyn)

If ain't a nigga, it's a pussy I'm juckin (juckin)

Alex Haley, Rasta roots soil (soil)

The beginning, and it's over (over)

It wouldn't make sense if things wasn't so tense (tense)

Snatching purses, jumpin over fence (fence)

It seems so negative (egative)

They even got you robbin your own relatives (relatives)

Daily adventure, extravaganza (ganza)

No time to watch an episode of Casablanca

Bonanza, Highway to Heaven

Stray bullet, down goes a kid, who was eleven

Community sucks (sucks), no such unity

Kids die before they reach puberty stages (stages)

Look at the ages (ages), the parent wages (wages)

The reason was in school they never turned pages (pages)

You get vexed (vexed), and temperature boils

It must be the brat and not the milk that's spoiled (spoiled)


Don't drink the milk! (Why?) It's spoiled

Don't drink the milk! (Why?) It's spoiled

Don't drink the milk! (Will you tell me why...) It's spoiled

(Yo punk tell him why...) The milk is spoiled!!

Verse Three: Poke

Well I'm the Spanky of the crew and I'll Alfalfa you

and if you step to the Poke I kick nothing but jokes

One of the Masterz of the Trak, stick it groovy

Man I got more fuckin Juice than the movie

Lights cameras actions, I'm on a fuckin mission

Hissin, white boy fishin

Z-28, Camaro, Buick Regal

The will of these automobiles don't appeal to

the better half, and don't interview my staff

For four hundred years you stole, sold my craft

Now my ignorant dome is hard boiled

I won't drink the motherfucking mic, I mean the milk

It's spoiled

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