Chubb Rock

Chubb Rock - Bonus Beat (Dave & Rob) lyrics

[Chubb Rock:]

Back in the days we wished to be a star

Rap in the street, bang the beat on a car

Swany D banged the hood so hard it would dent

While Dave and Rob just invents

A style so smooth and unique

But then Rob went to school, Dave's on Wall Street

With a suit and a tie, Rob has a book bag

But deep in their hearts I knew they wished they had

A chance to rap on the record heard on the radio

I was making my second album and said, "Yo"

No time to rehearse

Yo, Rob, you're first

To kick your text

Homeboy, you're next

[Rob Swinga:]

This is Rob, first to rock the microphone

To see all the chromosomes

The DNA structure

Will make you pucker

Up your lips

And say, "Boy, he's a trip"

To Africa

People want to go and laugh at ya

Up you mighty race, you can accomplish what you will

Cause I will kill

The beat not the person, cause I don't ill like that

I just rap and attack

It ain't wack

I love being black

But you're scared cause society went boo

Don't judge me as one of the many, but one of few

That will do

Anything I have to do

To open your mind because you're numb

This is serious, but I won't extract the fun

So when I kick it like karate

Bite you like arare

If you kiss your teeth

There's beef

I have a shotty

That's home waiting

There's no escaping

Bum, don't you know the sum of the parts is equal to whole

And if you've got heart

Check out the roughest part

It's part two

Dave it's on you

To kick the text

Homeboy, you're next


My rap is synonymous with perfection

Suckers try to play me then they run for protection

Think about it when it comes to the rhyming

Originality, that with all the great timing

Cause rapping with authority is the style that I am using

So when you're at a party and you get to choosing

The best

I mean compared to the rest

For style and class there is no contest

I'm not offended

Or pretending

I'm just lending

A bit of my rhyme and then I am sending

A musical note to whom it may concern

You wanna battle me, then you'll have to get burned

Cause I'll meet you

Beat you

Over again

Send you to the bar for a Heineken

And then you'll come back for a rematch

Or some haps until we kick it

I'll say a fresh rhyme

Of course you'll vick it

Then I'll have to just beat you again

I'll have to slay you

Burn, broil, fry, and saute you

Cause taking out a punk like you is pure fun

I'll stick you with a fork when I think you're done

So savor

Cause I will not do you any favors

And all these suckers out there just Flava Flav imitators

[Chubb Rock:]

Yeah y'all

No time to fall

I'm gonna go to the top

But I won't crawl

Gonna jump and leap

Not walk I'm gonna run

My pops is forty-five and I'm a son of a gun

It's Chubb Rock

If you was wondering who

It's a collaboration merely of the two

With Rob and Dave

They both had a page

We was all down back in the days

Doug, Martin, Gary, Johnny, Stan

Jamey, Danny, Tony, Ezra, and

Derrick, Joe, Russell, Kurt, Louis Roddle

Gene, Malcolm, Sean Fisher, and Donald

And the others that lived on Troy

This record goes out to my homeboy...

Donny Battle

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