Chris Ledoux

Chris Ledoux - Workin' Mans Dollar guitar chord

"Chris Ledoux"

"Workin' Mans Dollar"

"CD" "Best Of"



(A)I'm just a workin' mans(G)Dollar,In the,

(D)pocket of these old blue genes.

(A)I ain't like my wall street(G)brother,in a

(D)bank all shiny and clean.

(A)I'm faded and i'm(G)wrinkled,

(D)tattered and stained with sweat.

But i'm the(A)first one called when(G)uncle sam

needs a(D)hand with the national(A)debt .

(2)*same pattern*

I've been wages for the farmhand

For drivin' an old john deer.

Been laid on a bar in a tavern,

To buy a workin' man an ice cold beer.

I been tipped to a truck stop waitress,

Taped where I was torn.

And in the hand of a child i was placed on a plate,

In church on a sunday morn.

(3)Well they(G)say i'm thr root of all evil,bring

(D)lust power and greed.but this

(F)workin' mans dollar only(G)buys the things,

A workin man really(A)needs.

(4)Well they say i'm worth abiut fifty cents ,

In this modern inflated age.

But dont tell that to the young man slavin'

To make it on a minium wage.

Or that single workin' mother

Shes been saving to make ends meet.

To make a hose a home ,food on the table

And shoes on her babys feet.

(5)Well i know my days are numbered,

I'm gettin' thread bare and wearin' thin.

And they'll replace me with another,

But i'd do it all again.

Cause i've seen this great big country,

P:assed from hand to calloused hand.

And i'm mighty glad and i'm proud to say,

I belong to the workin' man.

(repeat 4)

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