Chris Ledoux

Chris Ledoux - Take Me To The Rodeo guitar chord

"Chris Ledoux"

"Take me to the rodeo"

"CD" "Stampede"


*AS with a lot of Chris's songs the electric guitar

uses distortion and both power and barre chords*


(A)Well the cars broke down,It's

(G)in the(D)ditch(D)(C)/(A).

(A)wish i was the son of


(A)i'd throw hunderd dollar bills

(G)out on the(D)road(D)(C)/(A)

(A)And catch me a ride,

(G)to the(D)rodeo,(D)(C)/(A)

(2)*same pattern*

There'a mule deer layin' by the road ahead,

He aint sleepin, he's damn sure dead

Venison fryin in the blazin sun

Hey I need a ride come on someone.


(E)Well the cars broke down i aint got no money

(D)stuck out on the(C)road

(E)well i need a ride wont somebody

(D)take me to the rodeo

I need a ride

Come on up


There's a buzzard circlin up in the sky

Lookin at me withthose beedy eyes

Well i dont know but i got a hunch

Hed rather have me than that deer for lunch

right now i wish ida stayed in school

But i had to be a rodeo cowboy fool

now i bet my daddy'd sure be proud

If he could take a look at his son right now

(repeat chorous)


Here comes a blond in a caddillac

Shes got the top rolled down and her hair tied back

She dont look she dont even slow down

She just keeps them wheels rollin around

(repeat chorous)

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