Chris Ledoux

Chris Ledoux - Stampede

We made camp along Red River

Watched the cattle as they bedded down

Back at the wagons, right after supper

We spread our bedrolls on the ground

And me and Willie, we took the night guard

And the sage never smelled so sweet

The prairie moon, was blazing silver

No chance tonight for a stampede

Way over yonder, off in the distance

Towards the mountains there in the west

Did I see lightning, did I hear thunder

My mind is weary, I could use some rest

Then all at once, the wind shifts directions

The clouds roll in behind the tumbleweeds

These longhorn cattle, are getting restless

God help us all, if they stampede

Smell the rain, hear the thunder

The midnight sky, turns black as death

The lightning crashes, smell the sulphur

It's rank and strong, it's Satan's breath

The cattle rise up and go to running

I spur my pony on and take the lead

And across the herd, I can hear Willie yelling

Hey, stampede!

Dust clouds rise, as the rain falls

They mix together, turn the air to mud

I feel the longhorns brush against me

And I can feel the demons racing through my blood

Then all at once, my pony stumbles

We hit the ground, I rise up to my knees

In a flash of light, I can see the cattle coming

Lord I know I'm gonna die in this stampede

Then I awake, and I look around me

I'm in my bedroll and I'm laying on the ground

Over there's the wagon and there's the campfire

I was only dreaming, but what's that sound?

Then I feel the earth tremble underneath me

As the midnight sky begins to bleed

And from the blackness I can hear Willie yelling

Hey, stampede

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