Chris Ledoux

Chris Ledoux - Powder River Home guitar chord

(D) There's a full moon (A) risin' in the (Bm) prairie sky to(G)night

(D) Lord it's good to be on my way (A) home.

(D) Over that hori(A)zon she keeps the (Bm)home fires burin' (G)bright

I'm goin' (D)back to my (A)Powder River (D)home.


Where the river (Bm)winds from the (G)Big Horn's up a(D)bove

And the clear moon (Bm)shines on the (G)prairie that I (A)love

It's the (D)closest place to (A)heaven this (Bm)cowboy's ever (G)known

I'm goin' (D)back to my (A)Powder River (D)home.

(D)Travelin' round the (A)country for a (Bm)dozen years or (G)more

(D)Funny how your point of view can (A)change

(D)I finally found the (A)rainbow that (Bm)I've been searchin' (G)for

It's right a(D)bove my (A)home out on the (D)range.


I'm goin' (D)back to my (A)Powder River (D)home.

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