Chris Ledoux

Chris Ledoux - Look at You Girl

You and I have the same dream

Caught in the hills where the tunnel screams

Watching the sky come apart at the seams

And the lights of the landing machines

And it's hot like infra-red

Cutting it's way to the burning bed

Then that blurring, swirling heat

Starts to lift me off my feat

Situation's out of hand

Ain't no way turning back

We've been suspended in our past

Breaking planes of the parallel

Under the power of another's spell

Into the crevice of oblivion

Your hands are tied but your mind can run

I can't hear myself cry out loud

Without touching me they hold me down

Situation's out of hand

Walking on wind in the Book of Truth

They've been with with us since the age of doom

We are the danger, we are the ones

We are the damage, we are the guns

We are the map of the eternal route

Station 9 on the last hold-out

we are the children of the damned

If we don't start to make a stand

Situation's out of hand

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