Chris Ledoux

Chris Ledoux - Little Longhaired Outlaw guitar chord

"Chris Ledoux"

"Little Longhaired Outlaw"



(E)Well I have been a cowboy,

dang near all my life.

(E)That good ol' cowboy music

is all i'm suppossed to like,

(A)but here lately I do't know whats

But i'm losin'(E)control.

(E)I'm losin' control.

(B)To a little longhaired outlaw

(A)Whose a ridin' some where deep

Down in my

(E) soul.


Well he rides a pinto stallion,

Down the canyons of my mind.

Makes camp beneath a memory,

Below the timberline.

Got a little 'lectric Fender guitar,

Plugs direct into my soul.

Right into my soul.

Turns up the volume,

Bends them guitar strings,

And plays that rock and roll.

Ah and here he goes.


Well I can be doin' a concert,

Strummin'along just fine.

Playing Little Joe The Wrangler.

When somethin' snaps inside my mind.

And I can feel that longhaired music

Wellin' up from the rivers of my soul.

Where the music flows.

When that little longhair takes over,

And makes me play that rock and roll.


Now if you like cowboy music,

And you don't like this song.

Well i'd like to appologize,

If the tune kinda came out wrong.

But you see I can't help myself

The little longhair has got control.

And he won't let go.

But i'' get back to my cowboy music

Sometimes I gotta play a little rock and roll

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