Chris Ledoux

Chris Ledoux - I'm Ready If You're Willin' guitar chord

"Chris Ledoux"

"I'm ready If you're willing"


(E)There's a great big moon above,and the night's just made for love.

(E)Baby i'm ready if you're(B)willin'

(E)Well that twinkle in your eye, is darin' me to try.

(E)Baby i'm ready if your'e(B)willin.


(A)Baby can't you see i'm waitin' For(E)you to make up your mind.

(A)No use in Hesitatin' Can't you see we're waisting(B)time.

(E)Well don't you think that love is grand,let me be you're lovin man.

(E)Baby i'm(B)ready if you're(E)willin'.

(3)*same pattern*

Well Ilike the way tou smile,would you like to spoon awhile.

Baby i'm ready if you're willin.I like the way you kiss

Let's go on like this. Baby i'm ready if your'e willin'.

(repeat 2)

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