Chris Ledoux

Chris Ledoux - He Rides the Wild Horses guitar chord

Just a (E)rodeo drifter, he (A)comes and he (E)goes,

Like a wild wind that blows in the (B7)night.

The (E)highways and backroads are (A)all that he (E)knows,

He’ll be gone with the (A)mornin’s grey (E)light.

Like a (E)blue norther howlin’ like the (A)tumbleweeds (E)blow,

There’s no way to settle him (B7)down.

His (E)spirit’s as wild as the (A)horses he (E)rides,

His freedom he (A)wears like a (E)crown.


And he (A)rides the wild (E)horses,

The same blood flows through their (B7)veins.

Yes he (A)rides the wild (E)horses,

Like the horses he’ll (A)never be (E)tamed.

He’ll (E)never be broke, he (A)won’t be tied (E)down,

He’ll never wear no man’s (B7)brand.

(E)He won’t fit in with the (A)nine to five (E)crowd

Cause movin’s all (A)he under(E)stands.


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