Chris Ledoux

Chris Ledoux - Fathers And Sons guitar chord

"Chris Ledoux"

"Fathers And Sons"

"CD" "Stampede"

(Transcribed For) Vance And Scott Swearingen


(Verse 1)

(D)My Father had so much to tell me,Things he said I had to know.

(G)Dont't make my mistakes,with rules you can't break.

But I had to find out on my(D)own.Now when I look atmy own sons.

I see what my father went(G)through.there's only so much you can(D)do.

Your'e(A)proud when they walk.Scared when they run.

That's how it always has been,Between fathers and(D)sons.


It's a(Bm)bridge you can't(G)cross...(G) (C) (G)

It's a(G)cross you can't(D)bare...(D) (Em) (D)

It's the(D)words you can't(A) say.

The things you can't change

No matter how much you(D)care.

So ya(Bm)do all ya(G)can...(G) (C) (G)

Till(G) ya gott'a let(D)go...(D) (Em) (D)

ITs just a(D)part of the (A)flow

Of the river that runs between fathers and(D)sons

(Verse2)*Same Pattern*

Now,your mother she'll try to protect you.She'll hold you as long as she can.

But the higher you climb, the more you can see,

And that's something that I understand.One day you'll look at your own sons.

There's so much you want to say.But he'll have to find his own way,

Down the road he must take,the course he must run.

That's how it always has been,Between fathers and sons.

(repeat Chorous)


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