Chris Ledoux

Chris Ledoux - Copenhagen Junkie guitar chord


by Chris LeDoux


Well I've never been afraid of much


And I never thought I'd need a crutch


To help me with the trials of this life


But there's one thing I can't do without


And Copenhagens what I'm talkin' about

F# C# F#

And I love it nearly as much as I love my wife

Now when I first started chewin'

I didn't know what I was doin'

And I liked the wat it helped me to relax

And a big ole chew tastes mighty good

Just the way I know Copenhagen should

But when it's gone I'm a slobbering maniac


F#7 B

I'm a Copenhagen junkie

F# G#

There's a big ole hairy monkey on my back


And he just won't let me be


Cause when I run out of chewin'


I know I'm on the road to ruin

B C#7 F#

Yes that Copenhagens got a hold on me

I can go without a lot of things

Like sweet potatoes and butter beans

And I know it wouldn't bother me at all

I can go without coffee for a couple of days

But if you take me snoots away

I'll be climbin' like a spider up the wall


Well I even tried to quit one time

My knees got weak, I sorta went blind

And my mellow disposition headed south

I started eatin' like a big fat hog

Got wild and mean like a rabid dog

And started frothin' and a foamin' at the mouth


SPOKEN - "Can I help you, Sir?" "Ah yeah, you got any Copenhagen?"

"No sir, I'm afraid we're all out" "OWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!"


SPOKEN - "Ahhh, Copenhagen... Makes me feel so good...

But when it's gone boys.... I feelin' exactly the way I should..."

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