Chris Ledoux

Chris Ledoux - Amarillo Lights guitar chord

C) The panhandle dust

(F) Is blowin hard (C) tonight

I can't even see across the (G) road

I'm (C) thankful for the wind

Its a (F) blessing in (C) disguise

It keeps me from (G) seeing

The lights of (C)Amarillo

The (F) lights of amarillo shine so (C) bright

Across the plains they became her guiding (G) light

I can (C) see them in the distance

On a (F) clear panhandle (C) night

Shes out there (G) somewhere

In the lights of (C) amarillo

(C) I can't really blame her

(F) For leaving me (C) here

I couldn't leave papa all (G) alone

She (C) wanted those kind of things

That (F) I could never give (C) her

She went to find (G) them

In the lights of (C) amarillo


(C) Each night i'm so worn out

(F) From workin all day (C) long

Hoeing those endless cotton (G) rows

By (C) the time i'm laying down

(F) Her dancing shoes are going (C) on

Going out with some (G) cowboy

In the lights of (C) amarillo


Repeat last 2 lines

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