Chris Ledoux

Chris Ledoux - All Wound Up guitar chord

Chris Ledoux

All Wound Up

Off of: Horsepower

Transcribed by: Matt Shanley

Intro G C G

Verse one


Since I was a baby maybe two or three

Aint nothing ever really bothered me

Some people radle at the smallest things

I thought that I could handle anything



But I’m all wound up

Nothing I can do


I get all wound up

Just from talking to you


I used to believe I was immune to love

D7 C G

But look at me now I’m all wound up

Repeat intro

Verse 2


I never wondered what it’s all about

Never saw a thing I could do with out

My feet are used to being on the ground

But these days I wanna just kick them around

Repeat chorus

Solo Same chords as chorus

Verse 3


Fame and fortune I can take or leave

Aint much about them that I really need

Were still together after all this time

Honey child I’m here to tell you that I’m still

Repeat chorus


D7 C G

Yeah look at me know I’m all wound up

Repeat intro

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