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Yankee Doodle Dixie  by Chet Atkins

Main melodies only.  Chet does some other "fancy" playing to show off.  I 

don't... okay, can't... yet.

This is a neat little song that Chet played.  Its a combination of Yankee 

Doodle Dandy and Dixie, played at the same time.  One melody on the bass and 

the other on the treble strings.  It might be tricky around the 5 measure.  It 

requires a bit of a stretch.  Using a capo will help lessen this.  Take it 

slow and gradually build speed.

         (1)                 (2)            (3)

 (4)               (5)               (6)               (7)



At the 1 measure its easiest if you barre the bottom 3 strings at the second 

fret with your index finger and leave it for the whole measure.

At the 5th measure its easiest if you barre across the 5th fret with your 

index finger and keep it there through the 6th measure.

It might help to play each melody seperately to listen how each should sound.
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