Casualties - Unknown Soldier lyrics

[Verse One]

My shit's straight bile*

You're mild, you've got no style

I won't be impressed til your* possessed by baliel

I make beats like surgeons resume

To stitch up your wounds

Inside the emergency room

They must work urgently or you'll* permanently be in a tomb

You see in the clergy soon

I'm taking this rap game serious from the start

Make your chest cut open with scalpel holding doctors working on your heart

Playing fucking God

Lacerating to pieces *of lard

Like vultures ripping Jesus apart

You're chopped up and divided in cubes

My tracks pump like blood pumping through iv tubes*

The human body gore who the fuck created it?

Veins and brains are insane it's some* creative shit

Satanic organs

Melodies of morbidness

Over the ramming sword of sicknesses the world's all been dissed

You rap like a cadaver

There's no life in you

I should stick a knife in you

Right through your windpipe will do

[Chorus 2x]

24 shots in your head

I know you're dead but I want to make sure you're dead

So I pump 4 more in your head

With the Beretta you're dead but I want to make sure you're deader

[Verse Two]

My pumping tracks hit you like gun shots fire crackers

And jumping jacks wrapped into one attack

This year, is just another point in time

Another year time devourers the joints in your spine

Until you're stressed

With no credentials left

Just your essential breath and the potential death

It's maggots and blindfolds, winter jackets and rifles

Caught up in the cycle of psychos

It's when your life goes

I'm done with baffling a kid disses and I grab him then I'm gonna stab 'em

son you're ain't fronting on my album

Spitting on your bitches tits

They shift the shit

My pistol grip is sadistic like my fistal clique


[Verse 3]

Not* since World War 2 has a rapper slaughtered you

With the impact of Necro's rap

It's morbid truth*, in fact

Not* since the person is a poet created grim verbatim* like me which is making the industry cringe*

I've had a profound* effect

My angle has strangled the underground like a noose around the neck

My first radio coverage introduced you to being bluging

And took you to the brain of a Brooklyn kid that was thugging

Now I've got hundreds loving

Who would have thought I be considered the greatest cat

Explaining the verbal onslaught*

Now everyone's objective is directed towards finding a Necro record or a

freestyle where I wreck the respected



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