Casualties - Authority Is Dead lyrics

The days are blood

No beginning, no end

Bleeding like a fountain pen

The days are blood

Alarm clock rips open my eyes

I'm so tired

Staring at the black spots before my eyes

Am I alive

Mirror showing bloodshot eyes

It never lies

Another day on the 9 to 5

No whens or whys

These days of blood, eyes of fire

I gave at the office

I gave at the bank

I gave to my friends

I gave to my enemies

You tell me it's better to give than to receive

So tell me why is it you that's bleeding me

7 O'clock - got to wake up

Wake up

Look in the mirror, see my face

See the traces of yesterday

Oh, for yesterday

Oh, for tomorrow

The days are blood

Bleeding into each other

The days are blood

And I'm drowning

And as I watch the evening news

I realize

Telling me of the day's slaughter

I realize

Spilling innards on my dreams

I realize

As I bleed cold sleep sweat

I realize

The nights are blood too

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