C-BO - 4.6 lyrics

(feat. Killa Tay)

I'm on a mission for money, dreams n' Bentleys n' Ferrarris

Influenced by the biggest ballas now bitches wanna call us

Picture me with all the cheese mansion lookin overseas

Pushin limosuines n' stackin hunits n' g'z

Dubbz on my sports car six car garage

Its like a mirage when you step off my back yard

Rollies whinnin diamonds shinnin I'm gettin mine

Them models you see on TV fuckin em' all the time

Zippin on $200 bottles of champainge

Till I'm dead in the game wont a damn thang change

I'm a boss bitch thats why I floss bitch

And we leave from the club you gettin tossed bitch

Besta believe I'm a thug keep it crackin n' stackin my mill

Taller than (??) (??) n' roll like a back down

Fuck goin' back to jail

Bitch I'm back to the hotel in my V12 wit mo' kill


Yall dont wanna see me in my 4.6

Twenty inch rims with the all chrome kit

Ballin like king tut two rollies

Mac like goldies somebody better hold me

Yall dont wanna see me in my 4.6

twenty inch rims with the all chrome kit

Ballin like king tut nigga what

Two rollies somebody better hold me

You see me sliddin up not givin a fuck we done been up

Throwin up the mob down the block so bring it up

I be flossin in my Mercedes wit yo lady

Got her tossin zippin on Baileys we do it daily

It aint NOOOO bitch livin up on this earth that can play me

It aint NOOOO snitch livin up on this earth that can hate me

I be sideways shakin dick up on the highway

Havin it my way I think it was a Friday better yet a Thursday

Thinkin about the first day my CLK went to hit the bay

It was a true figga young mob figga make mans skrilla

Gettin close up on the trigga

Yall dont wanna see me in my 4.6 seee

TVs in the back seat

Now police wanna catch me

Cuz I'm livin large $80,000 cars

A young ghetto star no matter who you are


I put dubbz on my Benz got my 64 lifted

Swimmin in money because I'm gifted

Livin the life of a rap star Bentleys n' double R's

Ride luxury cars flossin wit allstars

Catch me overseas counting g'z and they hate it

Mad cuz a thug nigga done made it

Wanna see me down and out bank account on rip

You players haters you can suck a fat dick

I put the gat to yo lip breath smellin like shit no breathin

To the wizard of oz hard courage is what you needin

Beat up n' get up out it before I draw down

Wit a 44 caliber desert eagle got shit locked down

Like a dog pound and we all down

For that dubb C L mafia loc

Aint no stoppin us loc

Not unless you poppin us loc

I'm a floss across town like the president

Flip a yay and dont touch no evidence

Baller Style!


[Killa Tay]

I'm a cap pilla you fuckin wit some real killas

Ride through my 9 milla on cock like a dike bitch

I'm bellin it tight bitch

My profile aint rightous I'm a thug lord

I got whatever you need like a drug store

Hard core killin off all enimies

Them dollies crackin speed knum you on my g'z

I be ballin like Rasheed Wallace but fuck college

All a nigga need is my heat and some of this street knowledge

Get some dollas straight thuged out

Put up in yo chest n' still holla all in my mouth tryin to get popped out

But I burn rubber on hood rats we ridin high speed

Cuz I like to drop E off Remy and weed

I'm through the town like the HIV

Regulatin strikin dirty wit a fake ID

Instead of hatin I be chassin this paper hard status

Its in my nature still copin kids never potin licks wit no fakies


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