Buck 65

Buck 65 - Track 13

As i strolled aimlessly edges of sacrement one day

I wasn't looking and died by accident

With sugar on my tongue and a breeze in each armpit

I descended to heavan cross-legged by magic carpet

Carried along through tunnels by a flow of waves

I met this soul with the role of issuing halos

His name was aurora, one time bet-maker

Everything he sang like chet baker

He explained the significance of the halos intentions

The way that each incriment of its dimensions

Bore a correlation to the core of your essence

With factors including the learning of lessons

Things that matter the most here being

Reflect and direct on the gleam that your seeing

Overall size of the particle density

As it corresponds to the mission intensity

Well over 400 factors with gradiance

Come into play with each new halos radiance

With congratualations and repeating my name

He also assured me that no two are the same

It allows you a glimpse of each persons spirit

Without having to come anywhere near it

So with halo in place and my thankfulness pledged

My resident status in heaven was full-fledged

One day in eternity after riding a teter-totter with God

I fell asleep with my feet in the water of a lake by a tree

In a quiet little place where i could be by myself with the sun on my face

A little while later i awoke to a rumbling

Opened my eyes to see a scene so humbling

I couldn't quite catch my breath

And my pulse doubled as the lake looked like it boiled as it bubbled

But instead of sclading my skin it was soothing

And it only felt like my imagination was melting

And trickling into a pool of fluid intuition

As secret splendor came to fruition

My own eyes surrendered as rapture found its purpose

As beautiful harmonies danced on the surface

Abstract shapes of all colors first did a dance and then floated

From each bubbled bursted

Literally billions of magnificent things

Would quake and quiver on top of the lake

I glanced left and right to see if maybe anyone else was dreaming this dream

When i turned all the way with my back to the spectre

I saw there an angel in the form of perfection

I felt paralyzed and my voice tried to hide

She glided and gently moved her hips from side to side

Without moving her feet, her hand held out in front of her

Calm and collected my hopes in her palm

The closer she came, and something about her

The most soothing sound grew louder and louder

Intense pleasure ran the length of my spine

As i pulled her towards me with the stength of my mind

When our hands finally touched she told me she loved me

And the shapes from the lake filled the whole sky above me

Instead of our tongues we spoke with our eyes

While music and color pulsed from the skys

It shines

Our edges are dreams running lengthwise

Our secret wishes fluttering lightyears

We fashioned inferences in disguise shapes together

You are the space between my exhales

Our way of understanding is eyes closed navigation

We twist slivers of unconsciousness into sacrement

Ghosts wlatz around our backs

Our ideas converge to form corners to hide in

Quicker than dreams we traded our charms

Then spent eternity in each others arms

It was a miracle in heavan

You could see it and hear it everywhere

The synthesis of two souls and one spirit

Our halos were the exact same size

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